Qualified locations in Taekwondo skill & mindset are permitted to use Ultimate Champions Taekwondo logo. There is no fee for this other then being approved in Taekwondo skill and approved by senior Masters. You must be willing to work together, love taekwondo, and come with the skill to benefit the students practicing the art. The term “champion” came into place in an effort to not only create champions on the mat but more importantly build champions in life!

Ultimate Champions Taekwondo fully supports the New York State Federation. The  non profit organization is the official state qualifier that allows athletes to qualify to compete in the Junior Olympics and Senior Nationals. The organization is directly under usa-taekwondo.

Ultimate Champions Taekwondo also proudly participates in AAU Taekwondo. is the official sport organization. Students compete to attend national championships each year. UCT is home to numerous national team members.

The World Taekwondo Federation is the style of Taekwondo UCT practices. The association trains in taeguek poomsae and olympic style sparring.