As Ultimate champions Taekwondo, we are running our classes from 1988. if we are talking about our classes we are  focus on  improving confidence level of everyone who are taking training from our classes. We are basically provide a training under a experienced instructor. who is already a black belt winner or National level champions.Through our instructor developmental course, you will be guided for self learning and self discipline.We are always looking for qualified  Instructors and Staff who have know about how we give training to a kids, a children, a ladies and family members.

• We are mainly foocused on this things which is followed by our Trainer.
• Give 100% to each and every student.
• Have a high energy level.
• Enthusiastic, motivated, caring.
• Living a Taekwondo life.

The Steps Required to Work for an Ultimate Champion’s Taekwondo Association Location:

Be on Staff – This is where it all begins. As a staff of Champion’s Taekwondo, you will learn how a class functions, all the components necessary to having and teaching a successful class. This is the first step in becoming a future instructor and manager of an association location. Anybody can become a staff, once they have the right attitude.

Assistant Instructor – As an assistant instructor of Champion’s Taekwondo, you have a basic understanding of the class structure and are now ready to teach and work with students on a more individual level. You must be a black belt and fully understand the curriculum of the individual location and also understand the organization rules.

Instructor – As an instructor of Champion’s Taekwondo, you have a clear understanding of the class structure and have the ability to run a successful class on your own. You now understand what is necessary to operate location successfully and maintain staff quality in your location.

Head Instructor – As a head instructor of Champion’s Taekwondo, you have a clear understanding of how Champion’s Taekwondo runs both in and out of class. You are now ready to both manage and teach at a Champion’s Taekwondo location on your own and maintain staff and instructors quality in your location. All head instructors must achieve their Head Instructor certificate and license.

Master – As a master of Champion’s Taekwondo, you are an official 4th degree certified black belt under the World Taekwondo Federation, with over 15 years of experience in the martial art. You have the knowledge and experience to build your staff and instructors to another level.

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