What is Taekwondo?   How is it different from other martial arts?

The origin of Taekwondo can be traced back about 2000 years to the country known today as Korea. word "Tae" meaning foot, "Kwon" meaning fist and "Do" meaning way of. Today Taekwondo has developed in all over world as a  fitness game.. Taekwondo emphasizes powerful, often high kicks and fast, dynamic techniques combined with control, discipline, and focus. Taekwondo is exciting, both to practice and watch, receiving international recognition as a medal sport in the 2000 Olympics. It is now one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

How is an Champions Taekwondo different from other martial arts schools?

Ultimate Champions Taekwondo training institute offer different learning techniques where , we feel  self confident, discipline and feel like a home that no other classes can provide. Our classes are taught by qualified instructors who have titles of state, and national champion titles. Having licensed locations in Queens, Brooklyn, and Long island our strong teaching methods now create champions all across the tri-state area. Unlike “franchise” schools, Ultimate champions is giving training in all over cities of NewYork. Every school has a best and experienced trainner in Martial arts.


What can Taekwondo do for my child?

Taekwondo at UCTA offers a variety of benefits to children. In addition to gaining a sense of individual accomplishment, often lacking in team sports, children will improve their poise, self-confidence, and self-discipline. This will carry into their home life and school work. In addition, they learn to be “street smart”, to think instead of panic in potentially serious situations as well as how to react to threats from other kids. Discipline and respect are taught by leadership and example, not by fear of force, making this a positive character building environment for children and teenagers.

What ages do you teach? Can I (parent) join my child in class?

At  Champions Taekwondo, we offer Tae Kwon Do classes for kids, children, adults and families. Classes are separated by age and level, creating specialized classes that focus on the students needs. Each class is instructed in a way to improve focus, coordination, discipline and self-confidence. Adult classes include self defense, confidence building and an excellent cardio vascular work out. Family class offers families (parents and children) to be able to practice together and to develop a special family bond by participating together that not many other activities can promote.

Our classes are generally organized for students where they gain a new learning skills. We  are also provides children and Family classes where the whole family can participate at the same time, regardless of age or belt level. As long as everyone who wishes to sign up is physically able to participate, we welcome you!

My child has some attention issues (or other similar condition or physical issue). Will this be a problem?

No, this will not be an issue. In Tae Kwon Do, we focus on learning discipline and respect. The student learns respect for their parents, their fellow students, and themselves. They also learn how to be properly disciplined when in class. Students with ADD/ADHD improve dramatically through the guidance of Masters and instructors. Students will concentrate on  school and home both at the same time.

My child is very shy. Will he/she be intimidated in class?

Every student is different and every student has a different comfort threshold. With the experience of the staff, we are able to help shy children with the confidence to excel not only in Taekwondo but in life as well too!

What are the benefits of Taekwondo for an adult?

TaeKwonDo is a great work out. You will improve flexibility, tone muscles, and get excellent cardiovascular workout! While you are conditioning your body, you will be strengthening your mind, building confidence, self-discipline, and self-esteem. Do you find yourself getting bored with the traditional exercise program? You will love and enjoy the mental challenge of the Taekwondo.

How much do the Taekwondo classes cost?

Champions Taekwondo locations have different prices in each location. Please contact a licensed location near you for an opportunity to try Taekwondo, meet your instructor, see the benefits of Taekwondo and most importantly see if you or your child will enjoy the martial art before you commit to anything. During this trial lesson you will be evaluated to see if Taekwondo is the right life activity for you.

How do I find out more?

If you have any questions about ultimate champions Taekwondo concerning our classes near location to you. You can reach a location closest to you by checking out our location section or contact section. feel free to contact us at any time.